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Revise of Bunker Adjustment Factor
Admin 2012-03-08 14123

Revise of Bunker Adjustment Factor

We always hope that your company develops and thank you to deal with the companies included in KNFC.
Our KNFC members always do our best to cut down on distribution costs of shippers/consignors who export and import, and improve international competitiveness by carrying shipments of Korea-Japan 70ports timely and safely.
Our members decide to raise the container BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) as below because continuous high oil price that is caused by the financial crisis of advanced countries included America and Europe and political crisis in the Middle East lets the quality of shipping service fall, even though we do our best to offer the high quality service.
We expect your help and aid in accordance with that.

The Bunker Adjustment Factor rate as below.
A. Effective date From the loading on 15-March-2012
B. Effective rate  US$ 125/20ft, US$ 250/40ft, US$ 9/RT

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